Sunday, July 18, 2004

Resting day..

Was at home resting all day long...I did not cook as SIL gave fish curry & fried bee hoon.. Since hubbie is fasting today, I just ate what was given by SIL...After I took my cofff mixture, I dozed off for nearly 2 hrs..Woke up around 4.30pm..
SIL & hubbie came by for awhile....Around 5.45pm, hubbie wanted to go Har Yasin @ Geylang to buy Murtabak...So we went to buy 3 packets of Murtabak & then proceed to MIL's hse to break his fast there...SIL made jemput-jemout udang geragau with the cili sos...
Went back around 8.30pm...Took my bath & medicine & now finding interesting sites to surf...
Tomoro is another brand new week...And we are counting down to go KL..yeah!! Another 18 more days to go!!! All of us are so excited..Rite guys??? hehe
Shall stop here for now...Have a great week ahead ... Papai!!

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