Monday, July 05, 2004

*sigh! sigh! sigh!*

Hubbie cudn't go to werk today as he was in excruciating pain since yesterday nite.. His right ankle is giving him problem...He can't even walk properly now...When we went to the doctor tis morning, he had to use the crutches to walk..He did call SGH to see if his Specialist is in today..Apparently he's in but there is no more slot for him to make any appointment..So he only got 11.30am appointment tomoro...I pray hard with a hope tat it's just a minor ankle problem...I just dunt want him to go thru another operation in his ankle..Hopefully not...But we are praying hard so as to avoid another operation on his knee in another 2 mths time...

We just spent our time lazing around in the house the whole day...We even ordered pizza for our dinner cos we are too lazy to go out & furthermore hubbie is not even fit to walk to anywhere...

Oh ya, we did watch the Final of Euro 2004 indeed...Amazing Greece had won the cup.. I tot it cud be the Portugal but I was wronged! Greece played a fantastic soccer yesterday...They deserved the title anyway!

I have a day to go before I start my part time job...Thanks to you guys who had gave me werds of encouragement & well wishes to me..I really appreciate it!! Muacks! Muacks!

Gotta stop here for now...I'll be back tomoro nite...Take care!!

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