Thursday, July 01, 2004

Books, Books & More Books!

Went to Bedok Library just now to return & borrowed books.. I was too engrossed picking up interesting novels w/o realising tat I have 7 in hand..At last I got hold of Diary of A Mad Bride which me & Klopez had been searching high & low for it..Quickly called Klopez & informed her..We both get all excited over it..hehe..Tat's us..Getting excited on such a small things... :P Borrowed a few more books using both hubbie & my library cards.. tried searching for the Malay Novel titled, Kau Untuk Ku, which elfah recommended but sadly the book is on loan..Anyway I had made a reservation for tat book..So I will get to read it shortly once the library notify me via post.. So total I actually borrowed 7 books.. Ntah leh habis ke tak seh..Tamak-un nah gue..hehe.. Dah lah Monday start keje..hehe..

After my book spree, I went back to my parent's hse...Was so famished tat I went straight to the kitchen after putting my back to get something to eat.. Mum cooked Poori (adik beradik chappati jugak lah tapi dia kecik2) go along with the potato & veggie dish plus Tandoori Chicken..Wow!! Had a sumptous late lunch...Logon to ewah2 for a quick chat before I started reading one of the book...Asked my bro to buy back Sundae Float @ McD since he's going to the Central for awhile...First I was craving for the Hot Fudge Sundae but then my sis was talking abt the Sundae Float and made me changed my mind into buying the Sundae Float..Coke plus the Ice Cream & Hot Fudge topping..How splendid it is!!Milk Shake

My dad brought Durian, Langsat & Apples back home.. I was like Goofy seeing the yellowish & spongy looking durians...yummieeeeee!! Me & my sis grab open the durian w/o any hesitation..tasted so yummy...Hubbie then came back around 7.15pm as he had meeting with his VP...Layout dinner for hubbie & dad..I was too full to eat dinner..

We then make our move back home around 8.45pm.. Upon reaching home, hubbie surprised me with a box of Almond Roca which I had longed for...Thank you dear!! So sweet of you.. Lipstick

Now I'm gonna have my nite bath & continue reading my book..Tomoro, I'm following hubbie for his Knee check up @ SGH..He's on half day..After tat we gonna go town as hubbie wanted to make a new specs & I wanted to buy contact lens for myself..yippie!! First time trying the lenses..What a jakunist!! hehe.. Then I'm off to Charles & Keith to buy slip in sandal..kissy too wanted to buy her sandal there too..So we gonna meet up tomoro!!

Okay i'll better stop here now...Have a great T.G.I.F tomoro!! papaiiiiiii!!!

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