Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Werking week starts next week!!

Jus received a call from my fren, Cad, about my job...I will be starting work next coming Monday..It's confirm...Their auditing will be finished by end of tis week.. Tat means I got tis whole week to "enjoy" myself before starting to wake up early next week.. hehe.. kissy, masin mulut kamu tadi ye..Kamu jugak kata start next week sekali kan bagus...hehehe

Just now me & hubbie went to SGH for his appointment..Thank God, there wasn't any problem with his ankle after the doc had seen his xray...Most probably it's due to strenuous exercise..Bu wait...Strenuous exercise?? It cud be the Badminton game tat hubbie went last 2 weeks?? Gosh I think hubbie isn't fit to exercise anymore... He can't play soccer, he can't play badminton, he can't jog...My goodness wat else he can't do????? Aiyoh..U go swimming only lah dear...Gedebush gedubush dalam air jer lah nampaknya..hehe...Degil kan, doctor kata no strenuous exercise, kamu degil jugak..nak main bola ah, badminton ah..kan sekarang dah sakit..Iskk!! Now no more sports!!!!
Hmmm...I do sound like a mak nenek man....Hubbie will always said tat I pot pet pot pet too much..hehehe..But I mean well wattt!!!!

In a while we gonna meet Klopez & Nahar @ Tampines Mall..We got a "project" going on..hehehe...I guess today's dinner will be at Al Ameen since we are in Tampines...

I tink I'm gonna get ready now...Papaii!!

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