Friday, July 23, 2004

Here I come Seoul Garden!!

Yesh!! Finally I can eat lotsa Korean BBQ food @ Seoul Garden.. Apparently, only me, hubbie & kissy can make it today..The rest have their own planned activities so we cudn't forced them down to Bugis Seoul Garden.. hir cudn't make it last min w/o any reason or even w/o any calling to anyone of us..But nvm, we are used to it anyway..rite kissy?? hahaha..very bad hOr!!

Anyway, met kissy around 6 plus at Seiyu...Poor kissy tat her course unexpectedly finished at 6pm..hehe...So from Tiong Bahru she had to take the train to Bugis..Bunnyz & her hubbie cudn't join us last min cos they have to go all the way to Woodlands..It's okie Bunnyz, I ate yur share oredy..hahaha..

We search for the Seoul Garden till we finally find it @ the RESTAURANTS section at Level 2.. to be exact #02-45..hehe... After paying, we were shown to our seat...Good view indeed cos it oversee Adidas Boutique..hehe.. Once the staff there lit our BBQ plate, we zoomed to pick our food..Hubbie knew tat I wanted Schezuan Chicken very badly so he took quite a lot for me..hehe.. We were going crazee actually in picking the food there..hehehe..kissy as usual attacked the sushi..hehe... We really ate like nobody business...haha.. eat what you paid for what... :P .. The last round was the ice-cream...Eventho' our stomach were already fulled, we never want to miss the ice-cream so we scooped our feveret flavor... Finally we went out Seoul Garden at 8.30pm ...

We went hunting for something...*evil @ kissy* but before buying anything, hubbie got his shoe from Adidas Boutique.. Finally he bought the shoe tat he longed wanted..

He can rest his mind now..hehe... Went over to Seiyu & I get to buy a make up pouch..Pink karer u know..hehe.. Now I really crave for pinkish stuff ah... ;)

After our "shopping", we headed back home as it was already 9.30pm ( we used to go back later than tat but now no more..kena restrict oredy..hehe)..Reached home, forced hubbie to bring out the buffet trays at our storeroom as tomoro my aunty gonna pick the trays up for her nephew's engagement on Sunday...

Yesh..tomoro is a Saturday & I'll be going for a BBQ organised by Rohani & the rest of my ex-kolig...Really looking forward to see em'... Dunno if tomoro noon we confirmed going JB?

Enjoy yur weekends guys! Take care & byeee!!

Peektures of the day....

12 more days to KL!! Yippie!!!

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