Thursday, July 15, 2004

Baby Ohh Baby!!

I had a bleeding yesterday...God knows how worried I was....It;s like menses bleeding pon luckily it's a slight brown spot...I was soo shocked...I nearly cried...Called SIL & MIL... They told me tat it shud be a normal thing for early stage of pregnancy but I'm still worried.. In my mind, did the doc do a rite check on my pregnancy & why am I bleeding here???? So I did a pregnancy test myself & it turned out to be POSITIVE... So I try to relax myself...Tot of going back to the doctor but thinking tat tis coming Sunday I'm going to see my SIL's gynae so I drop the idea..

Then around 8pm, my BIL called hubbie informing him tat he tot of bringing me & hubbie to Dr Aziz..We tried to call Dr Aziz clinic but apparently there were closed for the day...Hubbie then decided to take Family Care Leave today so tat he can accompany me to the clinic..

So this morning we went over to Dr Aziz clinic for a check up...Punya lah ramai org..isk isk isk...Dr Aziz did a scan on my stomach & we can see tat tiny little baby yg blom menjadi..We were soo happy to see tat..Apa lagik nanti bila features dah develop confirm excited banget...Dr Aziz did explain a few impt things to us..Anyway he's a good gynae I can say...In 2 weeks time, I shall see him again & by then I'm already in my 7th weeks.. Hopefully everything will goes on smoothly..Insya Allah...Pray for me guys....

We tapau our lunch at Hajja Maimunah Rest @ Joo Chiat...Nice food there!! yummie!!

I share with you the scan pic tat I had just now.. :)

I got additional pic to show to diah...hehe...Diah, here is our pwetty Ms Nura & her hubby...Come see...lawa kan minah nie..?? ehehehe

Bila matahari bersinar, langit biru semakin cerah, rumput subur dan menghijau, bunga-bunga cantik gembira..

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