Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Lembab Day...

Accompany hubbie to the doctor for his follow up today.. Alhamdulillah, his ankle is getting better & he's back to werk tomoro...And I'll be home alone again... But lucky tomoro I will go over to my parent's place as it's our Dinner Day @ Bedok...

We went over to PIL place for lunch as MIL had called earlier tat she will be cooking extra.. We had sambal goreng & ikan goreng lada.. After lunch we went back home..As usual, both of us will be sitiing in front of our PCs and surf out way thru..

I managed to take a nap for an hour today.. Around 6 plus, I layed out our dinner with the food tat MIL tapau for us... Watched Double Happiness while folding my dried clothes..

Now waiting for CB2 @ 9.30pm..Last episode today...Wonder how will the ending be?? Hmmm.. Will Shahril proceed to marry Julia or will he be back with his wife Farhana?? Let's tune in to Suria @ 9.30pm... Adious!!

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