Friday, September 17, 2004

Yay! It's Friday!

It's Friday!! Yippie!! Today I just lazed around as didn't have to do anything except for my laundry.. No need to cook... :) Spent my time in the net & watching TV.. Hubbie came home with Prawn Wrappers...Hmmm..I like the Prawn dip better than the Burger...

After maghrib prayers, we headed off to Klopez's house...Hubbie has to fix her new wireless router plus the Maxonline 3000...Fuiyooo!!!! While hubbie & Nahar busy with the stuff, me & Klopez busy with our chit chatting..hehe..

Then at 9.30pm, we watched Azura with Klopez's mum.. Too many critics came out from our mouth..haha.. So Kental one!! Managed to catch the last bit of the Chinese Drama... Then continue to watch Azura from Klopez's room...Both of us were on the bed with comforter on us.. Like we wanna sleep like tat...hehe..Hubbie busy with the PC & router...

We actually left Klopez's house around 12.05am.. Went to Al Ameen to tapau our so called dinner cum supper... Then head back home... Time check: 1.15am... Oops..better turn in now.. Byee guys!! Have a super duper great weekend!!

p/s: I backdate tis entry actually... ;)

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