Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Aching all over me!

Today I woke up with an aching shoulder & hands... I guess it's due to the samosa folding session yesterday...

It seems tat today my mood switch to the 'M' syndrome...I feel so tired...MIL called saying tat she did not cook today so meaning no free food...hehe... So I just cooked Sambal Ayam & Sawi Masak Oyster sos ...

Spent some of my time chatting with the gurlz as usual... Oh ya! Me & Bunnyz both watched the labour experience video online @ Baby Center.. It was scary... Kecut peyut gue sekejap tadi..hehe... I tink just now the topic in the chatroom mostly were abt conceiving & giving birth.. Nowadays I tink it's the IN thing talking abt pregnancies...hehe

OOps...I tink I better go now...Need to fried some samosas for hubbie & waiting for the 80an Gerek as it features Hail Amir... Hubbie is a fan of him especially when he sings Wajah Kesayangan Hamba .. *wink*

Goodnite!! Bye!!!

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