Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Oh yeah! It's Midweek!

Today I am in my energetic mood to cook.... So upon hearing my sis will be coming to my place after her Chemistry Remedial, I started to cook early.... Today menu : Ikan Bawal Sweet Sour, Sambal Tumis Udang, Kacang panjang + bende goreng & ayam goreng... Ate my lunch after tat.... My sis came over at around 2 plus...

I tried to take a nap for awhile but my eyes just cudn't closed... So what else, I sat in front of my PC and chatted with the rest...

Dad called up saying tat he will be dropping by after werk...Hubbie went for his haircut after werk... Dad came with 2 bottles of Pokka Peach Tea & 1 bottle of Just Tea (Peach flavor).. Layed out dinner for dad & sis... Tot of waiting hubbie but surely he will be back late.... Hubbie then came back around 8.10pm....Served him dinner while I continue watching tv with dad & sis..

They went back around 8.45pm.... Tomoro I'll be going over to Bedok.. Mum asked me to make pizza as she had buy all the ingredients.... And what's more tomoro is DAD's 55th Besday!! me, hubbie, my sis & my bro decided to do a mini celebration... So I will be back hopefully with pictures of the celebration... Papai!!!

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