Saturday, September 04, 2004

A Day Trip to Batam

Gosh...I slept for only 3 hrs... I got myself irritated tat I cudn't sleep the whole nite till 3.30am in the morning.. help!! It feels so frustrated when u can't sleep but u know tat you are damn sleepy.. Arghhhhh!!! Boy!! I was so worried tat I will be worned out once I reached Batam...

Anyway I woke up at around 6.30am..Mum called me at 6.15am where I just get to close my eyes for nearly 3 hrs... Morning call from her..aiyohh....I had set my alarm clock anyway.. Sleep for a few minutes den woke up again... Luckily I had ironed both our clothes yesterday nite.. Took my warm bath den woke hubbie up... At tat point I was still sleepy lah... We went out at 7.35am..Took our bike and zoomed to WTC...Parked our bike at the hawer ctr opposite WTC and proceed to meet my parents, sis, aunty & uncle at Delifrance in WTC..Too bad kissy cudn't join us as she's having a bad flu.. Dad told me tat next time when we go Batam, we will bring kissy along.. hehe...After collecting all our passports, dad went to buy the 9.10am ferry ticket...Me & my sis went to grab some hashbrowns and muffin at McD... Then we boarded the ferry...

Reached Batam at around 10.30pm...It was packed with S'poreans...Wah lau!! Den the Batam immigration only open 3 counters....Damn sloww! Changed our money to RUPIAH!! Berjuta-juta ribu rupiah... Kaya! Kaya! Kaya!! hahahaha... Tot of having bfast at the ferry terminal itself but dad told us tat we better proceed to Martha Tilaar to have our haircut session there first so as not to waste time... Went to Penuin Top 100 by cab... Both me & mum had our haircut, sis had her hair trimmed & hubbie had creambath for his hair... Renewed our membership there...But dunno when I will come back for their SPA again... Perhaps wait till my delivery over...hehe..

We had lunch at Top 100..Had seafood lunch...Had lotsa dishes..including Kepiting Goreng(soft crab shell), Cereal Prawn, Hotplate Beancurd, Kangkong Belachan, Taugeh Ikan Asin, Sapi Merica & Nasi Goreng... After tat we went for our shopping trip at the Top 100 Supermarket... Guess what!! I finally get my Qoo Peach!!! But tis one is in a bottle.. But who cares!! As long as I get to drink it... Hubbie is the one who spotted it.. Thanks dear!! hehe... Bought 2 bottles (asal dapat hapuskan kempunan gue dah cukup..hehe)..

Then we took cab to Robinson where I bought 3 pairs of maternity blouse, 2 pairs of maternity pants & 1 maternity overall... I was soooo tempted to buy more cos the design there was sooo niceee... & what's more it's Cheap!!! Real cheap!! Mission accomplished!! hehe.. Then me, hubbie & sis sat at KFC while waiting for the older adults to do their shoppings around the area... I'm too tired to follow lah..Hubbie oso sooo sleepy..hehe...

Then took cab down to Batam Centre Matahari where we didn;t buy much things except hubbie bought his DVDs & PS2 games...Anyway I bought SLAM Karaoke VCD... Powerr!! Lurve their songs!! After jalan2 at Matahari, we went over to Galeria...Nuthing much to shop den off we went back to the Ferry Terminal where we had our dinner there..had their Mee Bakso.. Nicee!!

Boarded the 8pm ferry back to S'pore...Both me & hubbie knocked out in the ferry... Very very tired...hehe... Reached S'pore immigration at 9.15pm....I saw my fren, Rozita who happened to be in her afternoon shift... talked for awhile den went off... Dad, mum, sis, Cik Milah & cik Man took MRT back while we went to collect our bike at the hawker ctr carpark and off we zoomed back home.. Yesh! Finally home sweet home!!

Now my whole body is aching... I need my good sleep today... So shall stop here.... Enjoy yur Sunday guys!! Tata!!

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