Friday, September 03, 2004

Yay! It's Friday!

Today didn't do much things at home...Chatting, surfing & reading as usual...At around 5pm, I met hubbie at his werk place, SPC before proceeding to Onan Rd to buy some karipap again.. hehe...Then zoom to Somerset where we will be meeting kissy at PUB Food court for our dinner....I had tasteless Chicken Hor Fun... :(

Then we proceed down to McDonald Centrepoint to wait for hir & shanah... Hubbie & hir wanted to test out the Wireless Hot Spot there...Too bad the connection today was on & off thingy.. Neverthelss, we had fune there... We finally met shanah's ahemz... *wink* Spent time toking and eating.. (eating karipap at McDonald premises..ehehe)

We wrapped up things at 10.30pm where all of us proceed to our home sweet home... Today need to sleep early as we both have to wake up early to meet my parents at the WTC for our trip to Batam..

Have an enjoyable weekend guys... Tata!!!

shanah, me & kissy

Pandang-pandang, jeling-jeling

Onan Road Karipap

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