Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dum Dum Dee Dee Dum Dum Dee!!

My mouth just cudn't stop mumbling upon watching DIA... Especially the scenes from tat vicious Fifi...GRRRRR!!!! Make my darah go upstairs one.. *mumble* Anyway had been watching Spore Idol & toggling between DIA & the 9pm Chinese Drama..Reached home from my parent's place around 9pm...Without any washing up first, I switched on my TV and was glued to the TV till 11pm... hehe...

Over at my parents' place, ate lotsa stuff... Mum cooked Ladok (indian savoury), udang geragau, papedum & indian ulam called kecumba.. Dad came home with durians...It's been such a long time since I had durians....*got one packet in my fridge now*...Earlier, me & hubbie went Bedok Reservoir Shing Shiong to find eggs as MIL told us tat her fren had bought 4 pkts there in the afternoon..So we search high & low for it till the staff there told us there was none...aiseyman.. But neverthless, our effort of going over to Shing Shiong did not come to a waste...We bought back 6 pieces of Onan Road Karipap... Actually I was just telling my hubbie yesterday nite tat I wanted to eat Onan Rd Karipap...den it liao..There's tis pakcik selling it in front of Shing Shiong... We met Klopez & Nahar there too..They just finished their shopping of prawns & cockles...ehehe..

My partner in crime, kissy, is down with Mr Flu...Nowadays, I heard quite a number of bloggers kena infected by this Mr Flu..soo teruk one...Hope she will get well soon so do the rest of the bloggers who are down with Mr Flu... Drink lotsa water okie...

Okay better turn in now...But I hope I can get to sleep today as for 2 days straight I've been blinking my eyes till late morning as I cudn't sleep at all...I was soo sleepy and tired but sadly my eyes just cudn't shut off... Feel so frustrated...Said some prayers and force myself to sleep... So i just hope tonite will be a better nite for me..

Have an enjoyable Friday tomoro & look forward to yur weekend guys!! Tata!!

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