Saturday, September 18, 2004


Just tis morning when I was preparing baked beans for our bfast, I was like murmuring to myself & hubbie..If we got eggs then it makes the baked beans more delicious... Sadly no egg in the fridge anymore...So we have to live w/o it for the time being...

About an hr after our bfast, MIL called informing me tat she's at NTUC SPC...Asking me whether I want eggs????? As she's buying more than $10 worth of stuff, she can get 2 packets of 12 eggs cost $5.10 per pack...I was overjoyed upon hearing tat!! I tot MIL wanted to get the eggs for herself as she has to sell kuihs everyday but MIL told me tat she had enuff of egss actually... So she will buy for me 2 packs!! Wow!!! Soon, MIL called again asking me or hubbie to meet her under the void deck near her place to collect the eggs... Hubbie went over... Hubbie came home with a NTUC bag of eggs... When I saw the eggs, I cudn't believe my eyes!! I get to eat EGGS!! yeshh!! Australian eggs some more!! hahaha.. And it's BIG!! Out of my ghairah-ness
I took the peektures of the eggs!! hahaha

My eggs happily stacked inside the fridge!!

The Australian made eggs!

Okay enuff abt eggs...hehe.. Now I'm getting ready to go over to my hubbie's fren's place in Sengkang.. They are having a cukur rambut for their new born daughter... After tat we'll be meeting kissy & hir at Bugis.. And I will dragged them to go Tong Seng Coffeeshop for our dinner.. Mahd, I guess U remind me of the nice & hot Seafood Soup Noodle there! hehe..
Shall stop here.... Have a nice weekend!! tata!!!

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