Monday, September 06, 2004

Samosa Time!

Luckily today when I woke up, my fever has subside & my headache had gone away... Yesterday nite I was having fever..Whole body seemed hot & body aching all over...Plus the terrible headache..Gosh!! Luckily my dear hubbie helped me by massaging my head & neck....

Today I just cook fried kway teow & fried chicken... Then in the evening, I prepared my samosa ingredients...My first time trying to make my mum's samosa...This samosa's recipe was passed down my my paternal grandma to my mum.. It's our family all time feveret kuih whenever there's a family gathering... So I intend to do and keep it in the freezer so as and when we want to eat it, we just fry it... Hubbie also lurve this samosa... :)

Hubbie came home around 6.50pm while I'm still in a midst of preparing the ingredients... Served hubbie's dinner then I continued frying it and at the same time watching the 7pm Chinese Drama...After finished frying the ingredients, I set all the stuff tat needed to make the samosa at our coffee table as I wanted to continue watching the Chinese Drama.. Hubbie tried to assist me but at last he gave up cos he just cudn't get it right when folding the triangular samosa.. hehe....Cian dia.... Well, I took nearly 2 hrs folding the samosa...

The stuff needed to make a samosa

This is the way to put in the ingredient before it's being fold completely

Hubbie trying his luck in folding the samosa skin

"Ermm..Do I fold it tis way?"

The end product

I've already fried 10 pieces of samosa...each of us took 5 pieces...Verdict = Taste like mummy's samosa..I passed!!!

Now my backache is here liao..I guess I stand too long just now when I'm in the kitchen... Gotta get hubbie to massage my back...Kay lah gotta go! Papai!!!

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