Sunday, September 26, 2004

Slacking Sunday!

Woke up quite early today... Heated up yesterday nasi minyak & dishes while hubbie cooked Fried maggie... Watched Selamat Pagi Singapura...Then I lazed around on my bed till 12 plus... After Zohor prayer, I gotten ready to teach hubbie's nephew his Sec 2 Mathematics...Spent nearly 4 hrs handling his Maths problems....

Hubbie cooked Fried Rice for lunch... Today I'm off duty from the kitchen..At around 5 plus, we set off to MIL's place to return the CPU tat hubbie had fixed to BIL.. Relax there for few hrs before we went back home after maghrib...

Reached home, I quickly ironed hubbie's clothes & now time for me to rest... I'm sleepy but I tink I cud not get to sleep... :(

Have a great brand new week ahead of you guys! Byee!!

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