Thursday, September 30, 2004

Weekend reaching!!

Syukur Alhamdulillah! I managed to pull thru for a day of fasting... Hopefully I will pull thru for another 30 days in the coming Ramadhan.. Insya Allah....

As hubbie had his D&D @ Suntec, I posted myself to Bedok Home... Break fast with mum as dad came back a bit late... Mum cooked daging masak kicap & sayur goreng den dad bought Indian Rojak.... I was so fulled after eating all those.. Plus I ate 2 pieces of durian... *burp*

Watched the Spore Idol...Ermmm...dunt tink I wanna comment..hehe.. Just wait for the result tomoro!

Hubbie fetched me around 11pm... Was told tat he did not win anything in the lucky draw... It's okay dear...Next year still got wat!! eheheh..

Now I'm chatting with Klopez...She's feeling so great & at ease now!! *wink @ Klopez* Good for you... Now waiting for the Day only... ;)

Well, I shall stop here for today! Have a great Friday guys!!! Enjoyy!! Byee!

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