Sunday, September 12, 2004

Let's do our bit!

I was so touched upon watching the President Star Charity..Seeing those unfortunate ones really breaks my heart... I cried! I asked hubbie's permission to dial the donation number.. At least we can do a bit on our part altho' the amount is not huge...

Today is another Sunday tat we occupied ourselves at home.. Went over to PIL's hse for lunch and at the same time collect my Hari Raya Bajus...Lepak there for few hrs before we went back home.. At home, I slept for 2 hrs as my body suddenly feels so tired & furthermore I had a slight flu.. Luckily after I woke up, the flu has gone!

This coming week gonna be my 14th weeks of pregnancy....How time flies!! I'm now waiting forward excitedly to my 4 mths & 5th mths... :)

Stop here for now..Wanna continue MSN-ing with kissy & Kak Mah... Have a great brand new week ahead of you guys! Tata!

A big Congratulation to Mahd & fiance for yur engagement!! Semoga berkekalan hingga ke jinjang pelamin..Insya Allah!

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