Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Very the slow day!!

Today it seems tat the day past very slow... iskk...I feel soo bored at home lahh.. Dunno what to do...I finished reading all my books & wondering what can I do next....Besides chatting, bloghopping and surfing for pregnancy articles, I dunno what else I can do...How I wish I can werk now... Is there any home based job tat I can werk with...Aiyoohhh...sian lahhh...

Today I dunt have to cook cos MIL gave Asam Pedas Ikan Tenggiri & Ayam Masak Kicap...
Hubbie is on course at STA today so I cudn't catch him online at the msn..

Watched the 5.30pm Chinese Drama..Hubbie came home around 5.50pm.. Had an early dinner..
Then I was glued in front of the TV watching the 7pm Chinese Drama while folding clothes...At last tomoro is Thursday...meaning I will be going over to my parent's place...Can get to go Bedok Library to return & borrow some books...So I guess from today till Sat, my dapur tak berasap nampaknya..hehe..Fri as usual will be hanging out in town day...Sat will be going to Batam with my family....yeah!!

Ok ok..stop here for now...Need to watch the 9pm Chinese Drama...gosh..I guess now I'm back to my old-self where I was addicted to Chinese Drama serials... hehe... At least there's some drama to look forward rather than the boring Suria... ;)

Have an enjoyable Thursday guys!! Byeeeeee!!!!!!!!

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