Friday, September 24, 2004

Am I scared?

Tomoro is the day!! Actually I dread of tomoro to come... Just bcos I have a blood test during my gynae check up.. Being 27 years of age, I have yet to draw any blood before... Except those BCGs & injections... But tis time, it really make me scared... I know it's painful but people around me told me it's just a few mins of pain... Just bear with it... So now I;m taking a deep breath & put a strong front and go for the blood test... I have to do it for my baby..Any pregnant woman can do it, so can I... *praying hard*

Today nuthing much to do...So mendak ah today... Lie down on the bed and read my book... hmmm... Feeling bored actually....

Hubbie suggested tat we go for a movie tonite.. Yeah! A movie date with hubbie!!! It's been such a long time since we went movie together... We gonna watch Jackie Chan's movie, Police Story... Too bad the 9pm & 9.30pm slot were fully booked so we had to settle with the 10pm slot...

Now I'm getting ready to go Tampines Mall...Thinking of where we gonna have our dinner.. hmmm... Okay shall stop here... Will update more on my check up & the blood test experience tomoro... Pray for me frens!!

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