Thursday, September 16, 2004

Back with Cheerful Self!

Surprised?? An early update? hehe..Suddenly I got the urged to update lah!! hehe.. Oh no..the weather is good to cuddle yur bolster & bantal buchuk on yur confortable bed!! I tot of doing so but have to go Bedok lah... Remember today is Thursday? Thursday meaning my getaway to Bedok Home..hehe... Before tat I tot of going the New Giant at Bedok Central den to Bedok Library...

Oh ya..I heard from her tat McDonald has a new menu, Prawn Wrapper.... Hmmm..dunno whether is it nice..Now waiting for the verdict by her after she finishes her lunch later... Tot of getting one later...

Dad just called me telling me tat he bought a Sony Ericsson K700i yesterday..Wahh sehh...he got a Nokia 6220 hp den now switch to Sony u got pren liao!! hehehehe... Tat 6220 dad gave it to mum...See even my mum get to use a so called new model Nokia hp.. *grin*

Well, it seems tat rains get heavier now...Gosh! I wonder wat time can I get to move my butt off from tis house....Mum's Nasi Ayam waiting for me too... *slurpz* stop here! Have a great wet day today!! Papai!!!

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