Sunday, September 19, 2004

Tiring Sunday!

Hubbie decided to go JB in the morning as his bike's petrol is running low... So we set off around 9.45am... Causeway was a bit pack for the motobike but a massive jam for cars.. Phew! First stop was the Money Changer..Den off to buy DVDs... I got myself Hingga Hujung Nyawa & Bicara Hati VCDs... As I'm an avid fan of Erra & Yusry, I grab the original VCD of Hingga Hujung Nyawa.. :D .. Next stop, Shell Petrol Station...After topping up, we went to top up our stomach at one of the roti canai shop...After our tummies have been filled up with food, we set off back to Spore..Before tat stop by to buy my magazines... Once we reached Woodlands Checkpoint, there was a heavy downpour... After the custom had checked our passports, we covered ourselves with raincoats and off we went to the Clearance Checkpoint... The police officer was too kind to let us stop and "ransacked" our box... He let us go just like tat... Well, anyway nuthing to check wat..hehe.. No eggs!! :p

Reached home around 12.10pm... Had our shower again and waited for Zohor prayer den off to Bedok Reservoir for hubbie's late aunty's 100 days tahlil...Menu for the day is Chicken Rice with lotsa kuihs...Around 5pm, all of us took our leaves...Went to MIL's place as hubbie's braders, sister, sister-in-laws, nieces & nephew gathered for the 2nd time for the day...

At about 8.40pm we went back home..I'm really2 tired... Hubbie fixed a simple dinner.. I had egg with bread & some nuggets with my Anmum milk... *burp* ... Now I'm gonna iron hubbie's clothes den off to sleep.... Body all aching liao!! See ya guys again!! byeee!!!!!!!!

Some peektures of hubbie's cuzzin's chubby daughter, Thirah...

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