Monday, September 27, 2004

It's Samosa time again!

I'm taking a break in lipat-ing the samosa.. Tired mah!! 1 kilo of minced meat really a lot seh!! Dad just went back..He dropped by after his werk... Just wanna share with me & hubbie on the membership tat he gonna sign up... It's a Platinium Membership on hotels world wide... Up to 60% discount.. Urged dad to sign up cos it will benefit us too.. :D Hopefully we can plan to go somewhere in Dec..But dunno if by then I can still travel? Hmmm..

Today I just cooked Fried Bee Hoon plus nuggets... Spent the morning really lotsa emails & chatting in ewah2.... Now busy talking abt the upcoming chalet cum BBQ... Can't wait for the day!!

Oops...okay I better continue my lipat-ing session with the samosas..... Byee guys!!!

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