Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Unsung Heroes!

I really had a good time watching The Unsung Heroes just now..It's been the best ever segment in Singapore Idol tat really glued us in front of the TV minus off the 4 gruesome judges.. Both hubbie & I watched it over at Bedok Home with my family members... We laff, we cried (the cannot tahan laughter tho') & we praised them... The Pinky Lady (Jocelyn) really tickled us.. With her pink outfit, she sang Yesterday Once More & being the joker of the nite.. She was cute tho' in her way of talking...The Careless Whisper guy with the "I thanks you" & "Mediacorpse" really burst us into laughter... It's really good to see Sadli coming back with his soothing song, Solitaire...He really touches our heart and he's the No. 1 Singapore Idol...I bet if he had not withdrew from the competition, he will be in the Top 12.... Anyway he's still as good as ever... Not forgetting Rosalina....She too has a good voice but too bad in Singapore, they not only search for a good voice but with a good package in you!

Enuff of tat Idol mania... Things tat I've done since morning..

  • check emails & chatting (morning)
  • Went to the new Giant Supermarket in Bedok (noon onwards)
  • Went to Bedok Library
  • Spent the rest of the day at my parents' hse..

Mum cooked stew (sup daging), bagedil, sambal belachan & fried chicken.. Dad bought me 3 more bottles of Qoo Peach from Batam last Sat when he went to visit my Pak Long's hse..

Oops..I need my bath now...Will be back tomoro... Have a great Friday!! Papai!!!

Pssst!!! For Ari Wibowo's fans, do grab the newest issue of Majalah Manja out in store now!! Just got mine in the letterbox..He's soooo cute...So Hengsem!! auwwww!!!!

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