Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Midweek Wednesday!

Today I woke up with a hungry tummy..Really hungry & it seems the weather is soo cooling and makes me wanna continue to sleep longer but wait!! My tummy is grumbling and I tink my baby inside asking for food!! hehe... So I ate some biscuits & drank a packet of soya bean... Just then, MIL called asking to meet her downstairs... It's a good news!! Meaning free food!! eheheh.. I bet she cooked Roti Kirai today cos yesterday she put off the idea of making it but I sensed today she will cook it!! hehe..

Met MIL at the next block... True indeed!! She really cooked Roti Kirai & Kari Ayam & with some salad... Once reached home, I quickly unpacked it and ate them... So niceeee!! hehe.. Now I feel like eating the roti kirai but inside with's a kuih ah.. Nvm, shall ask MIL to make it one of these days... Miss her roti kirai with potato actually...hehe

Spent my time reading, chatting, conferencing with the gurlz & folding the dried clothes... Hubbie came home a bit late today.. Laid out dinner for him & watch the Chinese Drama... My cuzzin, Nini, called to inform tat she be coming later tonite to bring her CPU tower down for hubbie to check...

By now kissy must be enjoying her D&D @ Suntec ballroom... :) Hope u win the lucky draw pren!! Tomoro will be hubbie's turn for his D&D... As Singtel is a big organization so they have to separate departments & split into 2 days... Too bad no spouses are allowed!! So I be posted to Bedok till tomoro nite!! hehe

Tomoro is Nisfu Sya'aban.....In fact it's already Nisfu Sya'aban rite after the maghrib prayers...Insya Allah I will try to fast for a day tomoro...I hope tat I will be given strength to fast tomoro & for Ramadhan... MIL called to remind both me & hubbie abt the deeds tat we can do tonite..

Just received sms from Klopez tat LeNNy's grandma had just passed away... :(

Salam takziah dari me & chip buat Lenny sekeluarga.. Tabahkan hati dan redha diatas pemergiaan nyai mu yg tersayang..Marilah kita sama-sama berdoa semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat olehNYA dan ditempatkan dikalangan org-org yg beriman.. Insya Allah... Amin!

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