Friday, August 20, 2004

Yay! It's Friday!!

I just lurve Friday so much eventho' I'm not a werking woman at the moment...Friday means weekend is coming and time to de-stress..Stress?? I know some of you are wondering why a non-working person like me having stress....hehe..Well, staying at home can really make you stress tho'.... Stress of sitting at home alone...Stress of what to cook everyday..Stress of not going out the whole weekdays (except Friday).. So when Friday comes, I'm really looking forward to it as hubbie will have plan to go out...

Well as for today, we had planned to meet kissy, Klopez, Bunnyz, Rooney, LeNNy, Ah Pek, & sham07 for dinner at Rex & lepak session at Coffee Club Hotel Rendezvous...Anyway we had something to discuss about....

Had Rex chicken rice for dinner...What chicken?? hehe..Anyway we were assured by the nyonya tat the chicken did not come from Kelantan..hehe.. After dinner we went over to Coffee Club... Ordered Ice Passion Tea (with ice cream) & Potato Wedges.. We talked, we joke & we discuss..

We only made a move from there at around 11.15pm...Anyway we promised to meet up again tomoro for the JL Sale & the SAFE Superstore Sale @ S'pore Expo....Can't wait to go for the sale....Shopping Time!!! *eyebrow*

Posing Time for the gurlz

Potential godmummies-to-be

Wow! I'm lurving it!!

In toilet oso wanna take picture izzit? Eh wait!! Where's another member??

Apsal muka cramp bang???

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