Thursday, August 05, 2004

Goodbye Singapore! Welcome KL!!

Yesh!! Today's the day tat we are waiting for!! hehe..All seems geared up for tonite KL trip... Bunnyz & hubbie had went KL first tis morning...Both of them will be meeting us tomoro morning...Anyway good for them cos they have their family apartment to stay...

Lunch time I met Nazreen...We went over to Bedok Reservoir McDonald...It's been quite sometimes I last met her.. Her tummy big oredy seh!! hehe..She's in her 6 months now..So cute!! We had our lunch at the sametime exchanged stories tat been happening around us..hehe... Naz, thanks for the meal just now!! Xie Xie hor!! hehe

At abt 6pm, I started to make Roti John to be brought along tonite..Scared tat we might get hungry at nite..hehe...kissy will be bringing epok2 while Kak Sun will be bringing sandwiches... Cam piknik plak kita eh?? hehe

Now I just finished my household chores...Am quite tired now!! Need to get ready last minute packing...Today is my last blogging for the week...Shall be back blogging Insya Allah on Sunday nite or Monday... Dunt miss me ya!! (aiyoo..muka tak tak miss dia..hehehe)

Have fun guys on tis coming long weekend!! Enjoy yurselves!!! I bet we @ KL will enjoy ourselves much more!! hehe.. Here we come KL!!!!


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