Saturday, August 21, 2004

It's JL Sale again!!!

I was really looking forward for today's plan...Me & hubbie met up with Bunnyz, Rooney, kissy, nymph, Klopez & Nahar @ S'pore Expo...We had our shopping spree in Hall 4 & 5 where the John Little Sale is going on...Took the big shopping bag with me and by the end of the shopping spree, the bag was fulled with stuffs..Yeah, my stuffs, hubbie's stuff & house stuff... I managed to get 2 pcs of Drawstring pants as I cudn't slip in to my jeans & capri pants anymore..My tummy is growing mind you so I have to really search for new pants...Good bargain I must say for my drawstring pants...bought myself one "goggle" cheap one but niceee..hehehe..Hubbie bought 2 long sleeve shirts for his werk & a pant...then the rest was for our house..Bedsheets for Hari Raya, table mat, table cloth, big cushion cover and I dunno why I really wanna buy this -

Cute rite????? I just fall in lurve with tis baby bootees...If my baby turns out to be a girl den it's worth it lah else nvm, can just keep it..hehehehe..

After the 3 hrs shopping spree in there, we decided to pay the stuff before we have to take the 2nd shopping bag..hehe.. Was quite shocked to the the total amount... *gulp*..We spent nearly $200 for tis JL spree...hehe...Did went to Safe Superstore Sale but we found nuthing tat we want to buy so spend less than 15 mins there...hehehe

We then went off to Changi Airport to have our dinner & lepak session...The gurls followed nymph in her car while the guys took the bike.. Went over to T1 to see what we shall eat for dinner..At last we decide on Popeye... LeNNy & Ah Pek came..Ordered our meals & eat them hungrily...hehe.. After tat we proceed to the viewing mall where we sat down and played UNO.. They guys had their chit chat session while the laydees were having fun with the UNO... ;)

Too bad today we cudn't stay out longer cos hubbie wanted to be back by 10pm cos of the Liverpool match with Man City... So by 9.50pm, we're out from Changi Airport... All of us made our way back...nymph be meeting Fan as he will be knocking off from werk @ 10pm...

Reached home, I changed my bedsheet (not the new bedsheet har!! hehe) & went for my hot bath... Now I'm feeling tired & sleepy... Shall stop here for today... We'll see what is in store for tomoro's plan...


The gurlz after the shopping spree

The guys on the bike to Changi Airport

Us inside nymph's car

Inside the Sky Train

kissy & Bunnyz

Enjoying their Popeye's meal

It's UNO Time!!

The guys feeling tired..

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