Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A DaY tO gO!!

Tis morning I was wide awake since 7am...Just cudn't get to sleep...Early morning FIL had called to inform tat he had hang a plastic bag of food at our gate handle...So I went straight to open my door & saw 3 plastic bags...One bag had 2 packets of nasi lemak, another was a pack of cempedak goreng (yummie!!) & the last pack was a soya bean drink...Wow!! Pree bfast again!! Thanks to my lovely PIL!!!

After hubbie went to werk, I had my bfast..Was sooo fulled!! Then as usual on my MSN..Saw kissy online as she has yet to go to for awhile...Replied to emails from the gurlz... Today it seemed tat Bunnyz, Klopez, Kak Sun & kissy have no mood to werk...hahah..All bcos of the tomoro KL Trip..They are in Holiday Mood liao!!! hehe...Had conference call with them just to share our excitement...hahaha

Mum was discharge today at 6pm...Dad brought her home..Alhamdulillah she is okay & can walk as normal...Hubbie told me tat we will go over Bedok after maghrib to see mum..Anyway hubbie was on haf day cos he has to report to Police HQ for his coming reservist in Oct... I supposed to follow him but didn't go at last...hehe...

Cooked mee goreng late afternoon as both hubbie & me were soo hungry at tat time... At around 8.30pm, we went over to my parent's place... At around 9pm, I was so hungry then my dad gave us money to buy some food at the coffeeshop few blks away... So me & hubbie went down to buy... Initially I tot I wanted to eat Nasi Goreng & Baby Squid...But when we reached there, the Seafood shop closed...hampeh gue!! So ended up we bought a set of Spring Chicken....Ate the chicken while watching Tetangga....Anyway for once, I watched the Double Happiness at 7pm just now, I wept!! Today episode very de sad...Why must Jiaqi die??? And tis Friday is the last episode..Alamak!! We're in KL!! Must get my sis to record for me!!

Now I'm chatting with my GG clan abt tomoro!! hahaha... *wink @ kissy & Bunnyz* Too bad Klopez is not online..hehe

Kay lah I tink I want to find the belen stuff to pack...Chiao for now..I'll be back tomoro for the last update of the week..hehe... Byee!!!

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