Friday, August 27, 2004


Met up with kissy, Klopez, Nahar, Bunnyz & Rooney for dinner at Pizza Hut Centrepoint.. Initially we tot of having dinner at Cuppage Foodcourt but never did we know tat it is under renovation so we got nowhere to go so we ended up in Pizza Hut.... Tot of ordering a few dishes but ended up eating lotsa things.. Gelojoh kan!! hehehe

Nahar as usual went for his takraw tournament leaving Klopez under our "care".. khekhekhe... We then proceed to Robinson to peep at the Sale which is starting today... Anyway we just window shop cos had spent a lot at the JL Sale last week.. So must zipped our pockets..hehe.. But hubbie bought a small glass bowl which he wanted to breed some small fishes...

After a tiring window shopping, we ended up at McDonald ordering ice creams, drinks & fries... Eat as we chat... Actually hubbie had set a time to go back today... 9.30pm is the latest but we end up going back at 10.30pm..hehehe.. Tu lah kalau dah berbual mana ingat dunia kan.. haha..

Anyway I have to sleep early today cos tomoro morning I'm going for my check up.. Let's see how much my tiny baby has grow... ;) I'm all excited but scared cos I got a feeling tat I have to draw blood tomoro..Oh God!! I'mm sooo scaaared!!! Helep!!!!

Okaylah I better stop here lah... Have an enjoyable weekend guys!!! Byee!!

p/s: Today I got a call from her...Her voice is sooo sweet!! So lembut..hehe... She must be very busy preparing for her Besday BBQ tomoro.. hehe...

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