Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The "M" Syndrome...

Today is a very lembab day for me... I was feeling sooo lazy & tired...All I wanna do is to lie on my bed... Femalas betul ah... If I'm not in front of my PC, I will lay flat on my bed... isk isk isk... The malas syndrome is back again....

Today I did cook Sotong Dalam Tin & Telur dadar... A simple dish for today... Ate dinner with hubbie while watching the 7pm Chinese Drama... Looking forward for the 2nd Episode of Spore Idol... Was laffing my way thru when I see those "clowns" singing in front of the judges..hahaha..
Dunno what will be their reaction when they saw themselves being aired at the TV? haha... Dunt they feel ashamed at all?? What if tomoro, they happen to meet the public & all eyes are @ them... Whispers flying in the air..."Eh, isn't tat the guy in the Spore Idol who made a fool of himself/herself?" Oops....I tink I will not comment further..hehe..Anyway they tried their best wat! hehe

Betta stop here for now..No more ideas leh.... Tata!!

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