Monday, August 09, 2004

I'm back!!!!

Wow!! There goes our holiday trip to KL..W/o realising it's time for us to be back @ Spore... Tak rasa youuu!!! So saddd!!!! Anyway we reached home around 12.45am today... Was sooo tired... But nevertheless, we REALLY enjoy ourselves there!!! We were like one BIG HAPPY FAMILY... We got GREAT companions & GREAT places to go!! Masing2 happy layan KARENAH2 masing...hehe.. Rite guys???? *wink*

We went lotsa places for shopping....Not forgetting taking peektures every now & then.. (oops talking abt pics, I've yet to upload online cos there's a lot of pics...Sabarin ya dong..!)

Briefly recap what we did in KL...

Day One
Reached KL around 5am in the morning...We walked to Melia Kuala Lumpur Hotel for a morning exercise..haha.. Lepak at the lobby while hubbie trying to get us to check in...Went for bfast at the back of the hotel where we get to eat roti canai & not forgetting a 70 sen "BIG" Nasi Lemak for hubbie & Abg Mie.. (can't forget tat incident...hahahahahahahahaha)..After tat we go borong the magazine at the magazine shop opposite.... Then back to the hotel where we check in to our rooms...First thing first, all of us get to take a nap for a short while before Bunnyz & Hirman came over to our hotel..hehe..

Anyway we went out to KLCC around 2 plus. Had our lunch there at the foodcourt. After tat we did some shopping there before we ended up in A&W to grab Waffle Ice Cream, Rootbeer Float & Curly Fries. Yummieee!! Then around 7pm we went back to our hotel..But for Klopez, Nahar, Nezam & hir, they went jalan2 to Berjaya Times Sq for a while to look for a "special" candles... hehe

After freshened up, we then gathered at kissy & Klopez's room..By then Klopez had came back.. Guess what??? We had a great juicy story! Wow!!! So juicy until we were like laffing our hearts out!!! Hahahaha.. Klopez & the rest get to meet someone who claimed not going to KL ACCIDENTLY bcos of some reasons.. ALLAH ITU KAN MAHA BERKUASA.. Akhir nya terbongkar juga RAHSIA... The funny thing is tat, tat person tried to avoid hoping tat Klopez & gang cudn't see them but their eyes are sharp enuff to spot the duo.. Kudos Klopez & gang!! Anyway most of us did expect tat the duo will be going KL but DEFINETLY not with US!! Anyway it didn't bother us cos we are to enjoy ourselves to the fullest what!! Hehehe....

We had our dinner at Nasi Ayam Hailam Restaurant at Bukit Bintang.. As usual we were so kecohrable there.. Went jalan2 @ Sungei Wang & around Bukit Bintang.. Went back to the hotel around 10 plus where we lepak at the hotel lounge for a drink while enjoying the music there.. Went up to our room at around 11pm where we gathered to play UNO.. Very the kecoh leh... hehe… Bunnyz & Hirman went back to their apartment before midnite.. hehe

Day Two
Early morning we had our hotel bfast at the restaurant there.. Makan sampai peyut nak terboseh..hehe.. After bfast, we went back to our room to do wateva bisnes (you know I know lah kan.. hehehe)... We then made our way to Jalan Masjid India for more shopping.. Bunnyz & Hirman waited for us there... We bought lotsa things... Tudung, kain, baju, baju butterfly, kasut & banyak lah lagik.. Went over to Semua House for more shoppings.. For lunch we went to eat Nasi Kandar near there... After tat some of them went back to the hotel while me, hubbie, Bunnyz, Hirman, kissy & Klopez went to jalan2 at Lot10 before going back to the hotel...

Once reached hotel, all of us managed to take a nap for awhile... After magrib, we went out again and tis time to Petaling Street... Lotsa shopping to be done there.. We had late dinner... Hubbie, hir, Nezam & Nahar went over to Kampung Baru to get the Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa to be tapau back to our room where the rest of us went back to the hotel to get ready for a Besday Celebration event.. Yeah! We had an advanced besday celebration for Kak Sun.. We had bought a cake earlier & had her present bought in Spore weeks back.. After we got ready everything plus the NLA, we get Abg Mie to close Kak Sun's eyes and brought her over to one of the room.. We off all the lights and gave her a surprised.. She was so shocked.. We know tat she didn’t expect us to celebrate her besday there.. But we hope tat Kak Sun is happy with the celebration & likes the present tat we gave her!! After the celebration we makan berdamai there... hehehe!!

Day Three
As usual bfast in the morning... Then we off to Berjaya Times Square... Nezam & hir took the rides at the Cosmo World Theme Park.. If only I can take the roller coaster.. iskk .. Missed it again!!! Uwahhh!!!! Nvm I told hubbie tat Insya Allah after I gave birth next year, I wanted to go KL again to take all the rides.. hehe.. We had lunch at Kenny Rogers... (yeah! At last I managed to eat there..Ngidam beb!! hehe).. We go jalan2 round the Times Sq.. We went back to the hotel around 2pm where we have to check out by then.. After leaving our luggage at the concierge, we went to Sungei Wang for our last shopping.. Gathered back at the hotel around 3.20pm where we took cab to Puduraya for our 4.30pm bus back to Spore.. As usual, roads along Pudu jammed like nobody bisnes... We arrived on time but due to the jam, the bus arrived late.. We departed from there only at 5.10pm...

Inside the bus, we were so energetic as yet... We laff & jokes like the bus is ours.. hehehe.. We only kept quiet when everybody's sleeping.. hehe.. Expected to arrive Spore earlier but due to the jam @ Johor Causeway, we reached later than tat.. Once reached Golden Mile, all of us waited for cabs.... Me & hubbie shared cab with Bunnyz & Hirman....

See! The days gone so fast w/o us realizing it... Nevermind, we will still be organizing more holiday trips soon... So we can look forward to our next destination tat we will be discussing soon....hehe....

As for the peektures, wait till I have finished loading.. Will post it soon!! So check out later!!


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