Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I'm soo pissed off!!

I know tat when I typed tis entry, my blog is still down..I just can't understand why..I tink most of you who had done some editing or post yur entries since tis morning wud have the same problem as mine.. The blog just wudn't want to appear...iskk..Sakit jiwa sehh!!

Anyway hubbie is on MC again...He got another day for tomoro as well... Pity him as the doctor checked his urine again tis afternoon and still found blood in it...Tomoro will be the result of his Xtray...Hopefully nuthing serious...I will pray for your good health dear...

Today I just cooked Macaroni Soup as I wont want hubbie to take anything spicy as yet... What he did today was just continuing to watch the Band of Brothers DVD which we borrowed from my brother... Total of 10 episodes...wow..I'm not tat patient enuff to watch tat movie so I spent my time chatting away with the gurlz, planning on something... *wink*

Nowadays I cudn't really get to sleep well at nite...I keep tossing & turning on my bed & now I have a habit of telling my hubbie to move far a bit cos I need big space to sleep.. I tink it's the hormone change....

I shall stop here cos I'm joining hubbie watching TV...gonna wait for the Olympic Swimming event again at 12.30am..I just lurve to watch the swimming competition..hehe.. Till then.. Adious!!!

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