Thursday, August 12, 2004

Just finished watching DIA... Was so fed up with tat fifi...What a $%^^(&)_(*)^!!! But I like to see tat cute lil' girl, Dwi.. Her face sooo cute....hehehe..

Anyway today I went over my parents' hse.... Supposed to go library before dropping over but bcos MIL asked me to bring along some mangoes from Malacca for my parents, so I had to go straight to my 2nd home... Had Chicken Rice (mummy's cooking) for lunch... Tot of going to the library around 3 plus but was too lazy to go out...Instead I spent my time chatting with my bro abt my KL Trip....Suddenly he said he wanted to follow us for the next trip...Can see his eagerness after seeing the pics & additional of my story telling...hehe..

I end up lazing around in my used to be bedroom while watching TV....Sis has yet to come home as she had extra class till late afternoon..Dad will be home late cos he has to meet my Pak Long later....Waited for hubbie to come.... Had dinner with him & we off to the library around 7.45pm...

Reached home at about 8.15pm...Had my shower while hubbie update my PC with Win XP service pack 2...

Now I'm in conversation with the GG, Bunnyz & kissy..Too bad another GG, Klopez, is not online due to her PC problem...Nvm, we will come to yur rescue tis coming Saturday kay..Dr AMaT will do the operation!! ehehehehehe

Last week at this time, we were at Golden Mile waiting to board our midnite bus to KL...How fast time flies ya!! Iskk..I really miss KL!! uwahhhh!!! So does the rest!! How I wish we cud rewind back the days!!!

Kay stop here for now....Yeah!! Tomoro Friday!!! Time to boogie!!!! Have a great TGIF eberibodi!!!! Tata!!

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