Monday, August 23, 2004

Baby Bonus!!

Was extremely happy after watching the National Day Rally yesterday nite..PM, Mr Lee, gave a
powerful speech @ the NUS Cultural Centre....

What more can I ask for...Baby Bonus extended to the 1st till 4th child....Meaning, my unborn child will benefit from tis new S'pore policy... Except for the 12 weeks Maternity Leave which I'm not eligible to.....But why worry, mine even longer..hahaha..Being unemployed & sitting at home from my first trimester till the end of my trimster, I shudn't have asked more rite...hehe.. Only mine is unpaid maternity leave lah...hehehe....So Insya Allah after my delivery by March next year, I have to look out for jobs...So when it comes to my 2nd child, I shall be enjoying those benefits...ehehe

For the civil servants, the 5 days werking week will be a good news for them.. No more werking on Saturdays!! For those married, this is the time to spent with yur loved ones and make more babies!! hahahaha... hubbie was wondering why there isn't any paternity leave included in the rally.... hehe... He's waiting for the news eagerly actually.... I tink tat one we shall wait and see ah dear!! hehe....

Okay must tink on wat to cook oredy... Adious!!

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