Monday, August 09, 2004

Happy 39th Birthday Singapore!!

Finally I get to see the fireworks in action!! Yippie!! We decided to go over at Tanjong Rhu to catch a clear view of the beautiful fireworks....So as promised, we met Klopez, Nahar & Nezam at Starbucks Paragon before we proceed to Tanjong Rhu...Too bad kissy cudn't join us as her aunty & the kiddos came over her place just before she sets her foot to meet us....We went by ECP where we saw lotsa people standing by along the ECP.......Along Fort Road, there was a massive jam till Tanjong Rhu...But lucky for us who ride bikes, we cud easily selit menyelit thru the jam...

We reached at the open space where we can see a clear view of National Stadium... Find a good spot to get ready viewing the special event of the nite... Lotsa people having their picnic there... Anyway typical Singaporean what! ehehe.. I met my poly buddy, Adi & her gf, Yanti..

Hubbie gotten ready our camera for the "shooting"... Around 7.50pm, the fireworks blazed thru the sky.. It was so beautiful tat made all of us soooo amazed....The feeling was so great..It such been a long time since I attended the National Day Parade during my secondary skool days... At tat time I was so into the lining up to get the free tix...Dulu rajin beb!! hehe

After the firework ended, we made our way to Al Ameen, Tampines, to have our dinner... Ate kway teow Pattaya... Reached home about 10pm...

Here are some shots of the fireworks!!

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