Saturday, August 28, 2004

Oh! My Baby!!!

I just came back from my check up with my gynae... Both me & hubbie were smiling all the wayafter the check up... Dr Aziz told us tat our baby is big...yeah!! He asked me to reduce my food intake some more else my baby will grow even bigger..hahaha... But surprisingly my weight drop a bit... Hmmm..I tot I ate a lot for the past weeks.. *scratch* Anyway Alhamdulillah my baby is growing well... Baby measure 5.1cm and we both can see the head & the body & most importantly the heartbeat... Auwww sooo cute!! I'm filled with joy and happiness upon seeing the screen... Dr Aziz told me tat if according to the baby size, I shud be already in my 12weeks 2 days & my EDD date will be 9th March 2005 but he said we will follow the previous EDD date which is 16th March 2005 & I'm still in my 11th weeks..... :)

Lucky for me tat this week I didn't have to draw any blood BUT Dr told me tat my next check up they gonna draw my blood... booo hooo hoooo!!!! I'm scared!!! And he will do a down-syndrome test for my baby.. Hopefully it will goes well.. Insya Allah.... Today was extreme fast cos we came early and got 2nd in the queue but Dr came late...Anyway by 10.35pm, we are out from the clinic...

Went over to Eunos foodcentre to tapau our bfast... Bought Roti Prata back... We then dropped by to my PIL's place for awhile... Den back to our home...

I need to take a nap now cos I'm soo tired as I woke up at 6.15am tis morning... I cudn't sleep cos I'm feeling excited & scared at the same time.. Excited to see my growing baby & scared on the blood test...hahahaha... Ok ok..better stop here.... Enjoy yurselves peepz.... Byee!!

Here I share my small joy with you guys... U can see the head & the body of my lil' baby... *wink*

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