Thursday, August 26, 2004

Way to go Singapore Idol!!

As what I predicted, the result of the Singapore Idol for the First 10 contestant was right!!! Great performance by Jeassea K Thyidor, David Yeo & Olinda Cho..They deserved to be in the TOP 10!! Kudos to you guys!! I was toggling between Dia & Singapore Idol result just now..
I was so infuriated by tat FIFI...She tried all means to get Irfan for herself...Arghhh!!!

Anyway I was at my parents' place since this afternoon...Mum cooked Nasi Rawan... Didn't do much things there except lazing around on the bed & sofa... We then watched Singapore Idol together with my family while planning the itinerary for our Batam Trip next Sat... Yesh!! We going shopping & eating again but tis time in Batam...hehe...

Reached home at 8.45pm...Quickly washed up and continued to watch Singapore Idol & followed by the Chinese Drama while waiting for Dia..

Now I'm gonna sleep...My perut seems like bloated ah...Very the uncomfortable..iskk.. Kay lah..Have an enjoyable Friday tomoro..... Adious!!

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