Friday, September 15, 2006

Yesh!! Hady Mirza going to the Final!!

My heart was beating fast yesterday when watching the result. Was over at my bro-in law's place at CCK together with my other bro and sis in law's family. We were so tensed up when Gurmit was about to say who's leaving the competition. But after Jasmine's name was announced, all of us shouted with joy!! Phew! Hady is in the Final!!

Hope he will do us proud in the Final and win the Singapore Idol title!! History repeats again! 2004 SG Idol was between Taufik & Sly. Cool Guy vs Rockers... And this year, Cool Guy, Hady, & Rockers Jon Leong gonna be singing in the Finals!! Great duos!!!

So come next Sunday, which is the first day of Ramadhan will be the finals! We shall get busy with the votings!! Vote for Hady!!!!!! Vote for Hady!!!!!! Vote for Hady!!!!!! Vote for Hady!!!!!!

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