Monday, September 11, 2006

Boogie Woogie Weekend..

Aiseyy...It's Monday again!! 2 days of weekend just past soo fast!! Was soo lazy to go to work this morning..

Anyway on Saturday we finally decided to go Sakunthala's Food Palace for Bak's besday dinner. Nice place and food.. Price wise is affordable ah.. Not too expensive..

Went back after the dinner as tomorrow will be a long day for us at JB. Back in our carpark, we saw Aliyah's & family as Jaybonz met his fren there. Did some catching up with the new momma and of cos both me & Icah goo goo gaa gaa over Baby NurKhairina Sophia..

Sunday morning was spent at JB. Brought my parents and sis along. First stop was Jusco Tebrau City as mum wanted to make her specs and hubbie made his shades. Then had bfast at the Food court. Jalan2 for awhile den grab many2 hot chicken floss back.

Next stop we went Xtra to do some groceries shoppings.. It was raining when we reached there. After spending around an hr plus, we then out from Xtra. At that point, it was raining so heavily! We were already at the car and hubbie had to dump all the shopping bags inside and quickly drove off. Headed to Tanjong Pelepas for our late lunch. Went to Ridwan Yeo's Restaurant. Ordered a few dishes and by the time we finished all the food, our stomach were already bloated.. hehe

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