Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What a weekend!

Weekend was spent fruitfully but not until late nite Sunday...

Saturday, we had a mini BBQ within my family and few closed cuzzins.. We had a great fun eventho' the weather is not that good but luckily there was no heavy rain. Ended the BBQ around 10 plus at nite. Pictures will be uploaded later.

Sunday morning, both me & hubbie brought Icah for breakfast at Bedok LJS.. After that we spent our time at my parents' place. We had BBQ lunch. Leftovers from Saturday BBQ. By 2pm, we went over to PIL's place... Lepak there for awhile before we went back at 4pm.. Back home, bathed Icah and put her to sleep. As I was having a flu, I popped in FEDAC tablet and dozed off. By the time both me and Icah woke up, it was already 6.30pm. Hubbie told me that MIL could not walk as her left leg jammed. SIL was there to massage her leg. It happened a few times.. Anyway we went out to buy dinner at Madinatul. Then we went to PIL's place again. Can see MIL is in pain. SIL went back shortly after we arrived as both hubbie niece and nephew need to go to school the next day.

We just lazed around at PIL's place. At around 9.30pm, MIL suggested to go to A&E as it's hard for her to move around w/o walking. We called ambulance as we could not carry MIL down to our car. We followed the ambulance to TTSH. Both me & Icah sat outside while hubbie attended MIL in the A&E. Decided to take urgent leave the next day as we only managed to go back home at 4am while MIL has to be hospitalised. Doctor said that she has arthritis and her knee is locked.

Seems that history repeats again. Last year around the same time, FIL was admitted to hospital and had to undergo a 50-50 surgery. Alhamdulillah he's getting better now. But we had to spent 3 weeks of our fasting days over at Changi Hospital. Now MIL will undergo surgery too and it's coming to Ramadhan and not sure if we have to spent our fasting days at TTSH too. Hopefully it won't be long..

Now the issue is my dearest Alisha.. She will be under my mum's care. I'm just afraid that she will cry as all this while MIL is taking care of her. But she has to get used with my mum as from now on, mum gonna take over MIL's duty till MIL is fully recovered. By then hopefully Alisha will not mind her 2 neneks taking care of her. It will be easier for all of us...

Hopefully everything will be fine and we will be given strength by HIM to face all these challenges.

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