Saturday, September 09, 2006

Happy FIVE SEVEN Bak!!!

Today my dad turns 57 years!! Nice date huh? 090906 ...

Happy Birthday Bak! Ya Allah, kau panjangkan lah umur bapa ku, murahkan lah rezeki beliau dan berikan lah beliau kesihatan yg sempurna. Lindungilah beliau dari segala perkara2yang tidak di-ingini..

Bak, you're the WORLD GREATEST DAD that Allah have given us! You're so special and nobody can ever replace you in our heart. We love you loads and we know that you love us more than you love yourself. Whatever you're doing, your children will always be the first in your mind(of cos mak too). You are always buying things for us even I have my own family and income, still you insist on buying things for us. We are soo touched by your never ending attention towards us.

Whatever it is, I hope Allah will bless you with all the good things in return. We love you Bak!!

Will be celebrating Bak's birthday later in the evening... Am looking forward for this family outing..

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