Sunday, September 03, 2006

Weekend no more..

Now watching Siti's wedding at TV3 and at the same updating this entry of mine.. Few mins more it's already fast weekend past.. Just can't get enuff of weekend lahh!!

Let me story a bit on what did we do during weekend..

Went to my parents' hse at 7 plus at nite. Hubbie dropped us there and he went off to Comex. Me & Icah had our dinner first. Lazed around together with my family & siblings. Hubbie reached only at 10.30pm. Had his dinner and by 11.20pm we went back home.

At around 10.30am, we went Bedok to meet my bro and dad. Thinking of having bfast at Bedok but cud not get any parking so we decided to go straight to Sim Lim Sq. Bro was assigned to buy his office pc so he asked hubbie for help since hubbie knew a sales person there in one of the shop. We reached there around 11.30am but the shop was not open yet at that time. We juz walked2 and when the shop open, we were the first customer to go in. Spent 2 hrs plus there. Hubbie bought Samsung LCD monitor and gaming keyboard. He got a good price and that's why he din buy any at Comex.

After Sim Lim, we went to New Hawa Rest at MacKenzie Road for bfast cum lunch. Then we went back Bedok as bro needed his bike to go to his work place. We followed him from behind and sent the pc stuffs there. From there we went back home. At home, all of us took a nap before we went out again after maghrib. Picked my parents and sis and went to SGH to visit my granny. She was admitted last Thursday due to low blood. She is just soo weak and frail. sad to see her in that condition.. After spending 2 hrs there, all of us made a move. My family went for a late dinner at Mak's Place. After that send my parents and sis back. We reached home at 12.15am.

Went to a jemputan with PIL at Tampines. We were one of the early bird there. After that went over PIL's place. At 3pm, went back home. Put Icah to sleep. Around 6.15pm, we went out to Comex. Hubbie just wanna see if there is any last minute offer. Met hir & Megat there for awhile. Since nothing catches our eyes, we went out. Icah oso making lotsa noise as I know she felt so uneasy with the crowds. Pity her.. We then we Banquet Lion City Hotel for dinner. Then went back..

So that's our weekend goes... Looking forward for the next coming weekend as Saturday is dad's 57th Birthday..

Okay, Siti's wedding just ended so I need to go to my dreamland.. Till my next update! Adiouss!!

More pictures click at this album..

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