Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Waiting for the long weekend..

Thanks for the well wishes guys! My Alisha is fine now.. Alhamdulillah, her ulcer is gone and now she is back to her normal self. Enjoy eating now and her milk intake is quite frequent too.. Good to see that! She is more hyper now.. And she is very fierce too! She can scold you back if you scold her.. Kids nowadays!! *shake head*

Anyway the 3 of us will be going to Batam this Friday! Dad has asked us along to Pak Long's hse. Furthermore we have yet to see my lil cuzzin who is already 4 mths old.. It has been a long time since I went there.. The last time was I'm 4 mths pregnant... Now I'm looking forward for my 1 day 1 nite trip there... ;) After that we shall countdown to our Bangkok Trip! Yippie!!!

Kay shall stop here.. Gonna continue watching Women of Times... Adious!!

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