Friday, May 05, 2006

Ouchie! My baby is in pain!

Poor darling! She is having flu and ulcer. It makes me sad to see her in pain.. Her ulcer really affecting her badly. She has not been sleeping well for the past few days. Being cranky and keeps waking up every hr. I'm lacking of sleep too.. :(

Her ulcer is quite big..ohhh poor her... And now she would not want to eat much.. For 2 days, MIL cooked for her porridge but she refused to eat her dinner.. Even her lunch she took a bit only. She just drank her milk.. Ohh baby..please get well soon.. We brought her to see our family doctor just now after work. Doctor has prescribed her flu medicine, paracetamol & ulcer cream. Hope the her ulcer will goes off soon..

Despite of being sick, she still as active as ever..Walking here and there.. Kids!! *shake head*
Shall stop here for now..Wanna apply the ulcer medicine on her lips while she is sleeping.. Else she will lick the medicine... *shake head again*

Adious for now...Have a great weekend guys!!

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