Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's the month of May!

Wow! It seems so fast that the days have past and now we are already in the month of May. To be exact 2nd May. And it will be another month to go before the 3 of us will be flying off to Bangkok together with my parents and siblings for another holiday! We are definitely looking forward the Bangkok Trip as we will be going as a complete family! Wow Weeee!! I'm sooo happy as it has been a long time since I went holiday together with my parents and siblings. The last time I took flight and went holiday was our honeymoon to Gold Coast and it was like in December 2002... That long!! And this will be Alisha first time travelling with my family and it's her first time taking flight! Yayness!! All the expenses will be paid by my dad. He is so kind to pay for all our expenses there.. What he wants is for us to go holiday as one family. And that makes him a happy man! That is my dad! He's so generous when comes to his kids and family. He is one in a million dad!! Really, I guess we are blessed to get a wonderful dad like him!

We are now looking forward for the shopping spree in Bangkok! The last time I went was like in 2001 with my old company. Was attending course back then and we had little time to shop so now I'm returning there for more shopping! Guess the Progress Package really comes in handy! *grin*

Now let's talk about our short trip to Melaka.. We reached home yesterday at about 1.15pm. By 10am, we made our way back to Spore as hubbie was afraid that it will be jammed at the checkpoint if we were to leave later.

Last Friday, hubbie picked me up at my werk place at 12.30pm and straight we drove up to Tuas. Smooth ride till BIL's place at Sungai Udang. Reached there at 4pm. The weather there was super duper hot. We were perspiring like mad!! Alisha was soo excited to walk here and there as BIL's hse is soo spacious.. Mentang2 dah dapat kaki, bukan main jalan lah kenit tuh! hehe

We din go anywhere on that Friday except to Family Store to buy Alisha's diapers as I din bring a lot. That evening at 6.30pm, I get to watch the last episode of DIA!! Finally after reading the full detail of DIA synopsis, I managed to watch the full action in Astro RIA! Hubbie's nieces and SIL were also following the episode and not knowing that it was the last episode but for me I managed to recap back the synopsis and told them that that Friday was the last episode! Now I could not wait for Suria to air the last episode. Worth watching the last part!! I was smiling all the way! hahaha

Slept early as we were all sleepy..

On Saturday, we were awake quite early for subuh prayer. Kak Ngah was busy preparing Nasi Goreng for breakfast and we bought Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai.. By 10am, we got ready to go Bandar Melaka.. We brought Ika & Syafiq along. First stop was Tesco. Din shop much. Bought merepek things instead.. hehe.. I guess now not much things to shop lah.. So boring! Then we went to Bukit Baru to send my kains to my usual tailor. After settled everything, we went to Mahkota Parade. Another boring place. I just bought a skirt at Kamdar and we ate Kenny Rogers for lunch. Then off we went back...

By the time reached BIL's hse, hubbie was feeling groggy. I guess it's due to the hot weather outside. We supposed to go Pasar Malam at 5.30pm but end up hubbie din want to go instead he went off sleeping. So after maghrib, I went Pasar Malam with Kak Ngah, Ika & Ira. Bought food for dinner. Finally reached home at 9pm. We wanted so much to watch AIM but at the same time, there was a soccer match between Man Utd & Chelsea and another was Liverpool & Aston Villa. So there goes our chance to watch. We only get to watch bit by bit during the half time.

On Sunday, we din have any plan. At first we tot of going Tanjong Bidara but due to the hot weather, we dropped the idea. And also it rained in the afternoon. Around 3.30pm, we all went over to visit hubbie's relative and his aunty. By then we reached home near maghrib. At nite, laze around and watched True Lies at HBO den off to sleep.

Monday morning, we began to pack our things as hubbie wanted to set off at 10am. Lucky for me there wasn't many bags to be brought back. Tak shopping lah katakan! :p

So yesterday afternoon, we spent out time sleeping like a log! Tiga-tiga beranak tido!! Soo penat!! Hubbie is sick right now. He is on mc today. Poor him...

Tonite, we will be sending our car to Leng Kee Cycle & Carriage for the rooftop repair... Then we will not have our car maximum of 2 weeks! Huwaaaa!!! We are car-less!! Sian!!

Okay shall stop here for now! Need to get back to work!! Will update the photos later. .. Din take much photos tho'. Only photos of my Lil Kenit.. :)

Pictures taken in Melaka...More pics, please click here..

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