Sunday, May 10, 2009

Priceless Mother's Day Gift

The greatest and sweetest Mother's Day gift that I got today was Alisha's sincere request to make a card for me. She approached me and told me that she wanted to do something similar to the Mother's Day advertisement in Suria.. The child made a Mother's Day card and gave it to her mum and said "Happy Mother's Day" ... Auwww...isn't that sweet of Alisha..

So I began to take out her drawing block.. She asked me to draw a heart shape for her to colour. Then I wrote Happy Mother's Day wordings on a piece of paper and she began to write it on the drawing block.. She was proud of her work and she presented me with her self-made card and kept wishing me HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MAMA and SELAMAT HARI IBU MAMA... Those were her exact words.. How could the mama not feeling touched by her daughter, having such a thought at her age wanting to give her mother something for Mother's Day? Seriously I was so happy and the gift was priceless.. I shall keep her card for as long as I live.. Insya Allah..

Alisha, Mama loves you very much.....

HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to my MAK and MUM-IN-LAW... and to all MOMMIES out there.....

Alisha's self-made Mother's Day Card

Proud to show her card..

Alisha & Mama with the card

Going for dinner at Simpang Bedok

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