Sunday, March 16, 2008

End of weekend..

This is what I hate! Weekend gonna come to an end.. pfffttt... I wished weekend are longer but wait long long ah... anyway I'm just gonna look forward for a 4 days of working den we have a 3 days of rest! Yes!! I'm waiting for Thursday! (tsk tsk...belom pon Monday! haha)

I guess tomoro and Tuesday gonna be a long day for me.. settle payroll stuff & reports.. mid-month is what I fret most... I can go bonkers!! *roll eyes*

Enuff said.... Time to sleep beside my princess.. I guess she had reached disneyland long time ago... hehe

Adious! Have a great week ahead!


Commonly Cheap said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. You're always welcome to tell me about your day in seven words! To tell you the truth, my least favorite day of the week (when I was younger) was Sunday, because that meant the next day I had to go to school. Haha. Now, my schedule is so different that my weekends land on other days. Thanks for this post.

Have a great day.

manja said...

helo idah *waves*...
nice to see u back here!! i cant read multiply at work lah.. :(
so happy to see u here again!